Who we are

Screening clinics are run for Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy by Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapist professionals.

What we do

The purpose of this clinic is to screen your child to further understand their development.

There maybe three different outcomes to this appointment:

  1. Your child is discharged as it is felt that they are demonstrating age appropriate skills
  2.  Your child will be signposted to other agencies for support with their development. You may be given ideas for you to carry out with your child to aid their development and discharged from this clinic
  3. Your child will be referred into one of our pathways for further assessment.


Your child may have been referred to see one of our professionals. We will do our best to offer you all appointments on one morning however this may not always be possible.  You will be allocated a 10-15 min slot with a member of staff to talk through your concerns. Please arrive 15mins before your allocated appointment to complete the paperwork given at reception as this helps to inform the clinician of your child’s needs.

How can I access the services

Health Visitors, Nursery or any professional involved with the child are able to make a referral to the service by filling in the online referral form.