Right Care, Right Person (RCRP) is an operational model developed by Humberside Police that changes the way the emergency services respond to calls involving concerns about mental health. It is in the process of being rolled out across the UK as part of ongoing work between police forces, health providers and Government. IT will go-live in Kent and Medway on 2 April 2024.

It is aimed at making sure the right agency deals with health-related calls, instead of the police being the default first responder (as is currently the case in most areas). It has been shown to improve outcomes, reduce demand on all services, and make sure the right care is being delivered by the right person.

It does not stop the police continuing to perform their key role of keeping people safe and where there is a real and immediate risk to life or serious harm – whether that be a person seeking to harm themselves or to harm others – officers will respond swiftly as they currently do.

The police will continue to respond:

  • to investigate a crime that has occurred or is occurring; or
  • to protect people, when there is a real and immediate risk to the life of a person, or of a person being subject to or at risk of serious harm - this means it is essential for the Police to ensure they’re clear in their assessment of risks, responding flexibly within their existing commissioned pathways, and not defaulting to Police support where health and care staff can provide interventions in a more appropriate way.

What does this mean for me?

If you or someone else is struggling with their mental health and you consider it a genuine emergency (where you / they or someone else is at risk of significant harm), you should call 999.

But, for urgent help that isn’t an emergency:

Local Single Point of Access (SPOA)

  • Over 18: Phone the 24-hour helpline on 0800 783 9111
  • Under 18: Phone the 24-hour Single Point of Access on 0800 011 3474 (select option one, then option three).

Safe Havens offer face-to-face mental health support

  • No appointment or referral is needed. Anyone who lives in Kent or Medway can use the service, regardless of where you live.
  • Canterbury, Maidstone and Thanet Safe Havens, run by Mental Health Matters, are available 6pm to 11pm, 365 days a year, for people aged 16 plus.
  • The Medway Safe Haven is open 12pm to midnight, 365 days a year, for people aged 16 plus.
  • The Folkestone and Hythe Safe Haven, run by Hestia, offers an open access walk-in service for residents of Folkestone and Hythe, aged 16 plus, and is open from 6pm to 11pm weekdays and 12noon to 11pm weekends and Bank Holidays, 365 days a year.
  • Contact details and the locations of each haven can be found here: https://www.kmhealthandcare.uk/your-health/mental-health-and-wellbeing/safe-havens

NHS 111 (phone)

  • Call 111, choose option two.
  • This will connect you straight to a dedicated member of a mental health team in your local area.
  • The number is free to call from a landline or mobile, even if you have no credit left