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Health and wellbeing

We take the health and wellbeing of our staff seriously and are constantly looking at ways in which we can improve the working lives of our staff to improve their work life balance and reduce stress levels.   Some of our current initiatives are:

  • Regular health and wellbeing events for staff where they can receive information on staying healthy and get checks on blood pressure, blood glucose levels and help with weight management and smoking cessation.
  • Referral service for staff suffering from back or musculoskeletal problems where they can be seen and assessed by a physiotherapist and given support.
  • A community allotment scheme where staff can show off their "green fingers" and share in healthy produce.
  • Reduced membership cost to Medway Park, our local Leisure Centre and other local authority sports facilities.
  • Weekly Zumba dance fitness class.
  • Local lunchtime walks led by a trained walk leader 
  • Ad hoc events, for example, a lunchtime taster session for staff to experience some holistic therapies to reduce stress, eg Indian head massage, reflexology, meditation techniques.