Do I have to be employed by MCH to complete my Return to Practice Nursing Programme?

There are two ways of accessing placements for the return to practice programme:

  1. If your registration lapsed, you may apply for a Band 3 Healthcare Assistant position at Medway community healthcare through NHS jobs website
  2. Medway Community Healthcare is able to support Return to Practice Nursing students to complete their practice hours without having to be employed by the MCH. The placement will be arranged after the individual interview has been completed.
Are there any placement areas that will not accept Return to Practice Students?

We have number of specialist areas where students may find it more challenging to achieve the basic skill requirements for re-entry to the register. When this is the case we will work closely with the student and the placement/workplace areas. We will ensure that we look at opportunities to visit these areas and complete some of the practice hours (during placement) within specialist areas if this is of interest to the student.

How many hours do I need to do to return to the NMC or HCPC register?

The number of hours required to complete the return to practice programme depends on the number of years away from practice:


  • Up to 5 years out of practice: 100 hours
  • 6-10 years out of practice: 100 hours
  • 11-15 years out of practice: 150 hours
  • Over 16 years out of practice: 200 hours


  • 0 to 2 years out of practice – no requirements
  • 2 to 5 years out of practice – 30 days of updating
  • 5 or more years out of practice – 60 days of updating

Pre-Placement Support

Before you start your placement or join in Band 3 Healthcare support worker role you will have access to our organisational and clinical induction.

How will the Placement support return to practice students?


All staff in the placement area are able to provide information and knowledge to return to practice students. However, each student will be allocated practice assessor who will supervise and assess the student’s ability to complete the standards required for re-entry to the NMC register.

Students will also receive supervision from our Practice Development nurses who work closely with the Workforce and Clinical Education Team. Access to our simulation room will also be available.

What are the shift patterns?

Shifts patterns depend on where you will be based. Our community teams all work differently, but shift patterns can consist of Early, Late, Nights and long days. Return to practice students can opt to work any combination of shifts as long as there is time spent with their practice assessors. All duty planning is completed by the placement/workplace managers and start times vary for each placement/workplace area.

What uniform will be worn during placement hours?

Return to practice nurses are students from Canterbury Christ Church University or University of Greenwich. Whilst completing placement hours nurses will wear the Canterbury Christ Church University or University of Greenwich student uniform.

What happens once the course is completed?


Once return to practice students have completed the course and all placement and university assessments have been graded, the students will be informed of their results. Those that have been successful will be able to re-register with the NMC, this is completed through the university not by Medway Community Healthcare. It is at this time return to practice nurses can apply for registered nurse jobs.


Once you have completed the return to practice requirements you will need to apply for readmission to the HCPC register by completing the application form. The HCPC aim to process all applications within 10 working days, if you are successful you will have your details added to the register automatically. At which point you will be eligible to apply for qualified AHP roles within MCH.

How much support will I receive in my new job?

Medway community Healthcare will support you through a six month preceptorship programme to help with the transition back to the registered nurse/AHP role.

Any other questions?

Should you have any further questions about return to practice training and your needs do not hesitate to contact us.

For further details contact: Marcela Summoogum (Head of Clinical Education) or Hannah Smith (AHP Education lead) via

We look forward to hearing from you.