We recognise the value our volunteers bring to Medway Community Healthcare by providing vital support to our teams and patients.

For volunteers, being part of our organisation offers you the opportunity to develop new skills and improve your employability. Giving time to your local community can also be extremely rewarding.

As a volunteer you will work alongside our staff as part of a professionally trained and skilled workforce enhancing and supporting the delivery of high quality care. This can be either through direct contact with patients and their carers or as part of the invaluable workforce operating behind the scenes to support services.

There are many varied roles we can offer you as a volunteer, including; specialist positions such as a complementary therapist or bereavement counsellor at the Wisdom Hospice as well as in the community supporting new mothers, driving patients and assisting with administrative tasks.

There are many benefits from volunteering including:-

  • Personal satisfaction
  • Contributing to other’s wellbeing
  • Increasing confidence and meeting new people
  • Feeling valued and having the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference
  • Improving your own health and wellbeing

How do I become a volunteer?

To find more about what is expected of our volunteers please view responsibilities then contact the appropriate person listed under contacts.