If you have been off the NMC register for more than 3 years or are unable to revalidate due to insufficient hours worked, we will work with you and support you in regaining the skills and confidence to return to the register. Our partners for accredited Return to Practice programmes for Nursing are University of Greenwich Return to Practice for Nurses Programme | Opportunities | University of Greenwich and Canterbury Christ Church University Return to Practice - Canterbury Christ Church University. This means you could be back to nursing within just six month!

Funded Route:

During your training you will be employed by us as a Health Care Assistant, Band 3. Following successful completion of the Return to Practice Programme you will be supported to apply for permanent Band 5 post within any of our community hospitals, community neighbourhood nursing teams or specialist teams.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Qualified Adult Nurse or Allied Health Professional
  • Lapsed/expired NMC Registration (Include PIN in application form)
  • No restrictions on practice as imposed by the NMC
  • Not been removed from NMC or HCPC register on grounds of Fitness to Practice
  • Preferably clinical experience of at least six months post-registration in the UK,
  • English qualification (GCSE or equivalent)
  • Commitment to clinical placement of up to 450 hours
  • Commitment to a face to face academic programme of learning at either CCCU or UofG (Nursing only)

Return to Practice Placement only opportunities:

Do you wish to complete Return to practice programme but direct employment model is not for you? That is not a problem! Medway Community Healthcare provides modern, dynamic, caring environment for excellent clinical care, education and research. We offer variety of placement opportunities for those already enrolled on the Return to Practice Programme with University of Greenwich or Canterbury Christ Church University. Do not hesitate to contact our Practice Development Team for further information about placement opportunities available via email MEDCH.Practicedevelopment@nhs.net

Learning opportunities to achieve the NMC Standards of Proficiencies for Adult Nurses. This would include:

  • Administration of medicines under direct supervision
  • Working alongside specialist nurses and teams
  • Giving and receiving handover
  • Working with a registered nurse to make and facilitate care plans
  • Carrying a caseload of patients
  • Delivering holistic, personalised care
  • Overseeing other members of the team
  • Carry out risk assessments and coordinate care
  • Understand and apply evidence-based nursing care
  • Maintain effective documentation and health records

For further details contact: Marcela Summoogum (Head of Clinical Education) or Hannah Smith (AHP Education lead) via MEDCH.Practicedevelopment@nhs.net