As a social enterprise, involving our staff in key decisions is fundamental. We listen to our staff through regular surveys, informal visits, walkabouts and drop-in sessions with our senior team. We provide staff with a voice through our elected members' forum, focus groups and ‘voice' email which is a central feedback email address through which staff let us know your suggestions and comments on developing better communication for all.

Whether formal or informal, we encourage ideas and opinions from all of our staff and we act on them. Our recent staff involvement programme gave staff the opportunity to influence and develop the organisations values.

Our elected members' forum is an important new way for staff to be involved in the way Medway Community Healthcare operates as a social enterprise. The elected members' forum represents the views of staff and provides this feedback to the Board. As a social enterprise, all staff have the opportunity to become co-owners (shareholders) of the organisation. Each shareholder has one vote and, therefore, an equal say. As a shareholder staff have a say in how the organisation is run.

We are proud of the wealth of experience found in our staff and recently honoured 80 colleagues each with more than 25 years' NHS service.