Development Opportunities

We rely on versatile and adaptable staff to deliver high quality services, and their ongoing personal and professional development is vital. This starts with clear objectives and a meaningful appraisal and a personal development plan for everyone.  A wide range of development opportunities can then be explored from continuous professional development and specialist clinical skills to communication and customer care.

We recognise that everyone learns differently and development comes in different formats, such as e-learning, and at different times to suit every working pattern.

Our leaders' development pathway helps our supervisors and managers to tailor and accredit their learning, whilst recognising their prior experience.

Many of our staff are involved in coaching, mentoring, shadowing and training colleagues - helping to build a real learning culture.

Supporting you in your new role

All newly registered health care professionals will be given a period of preceptorship.  This will include being supported by an experienced workplace colleague (preceptor) to gain confidence and competence in your clinical skills.  This will aid the transition from student to qualified practitioner.  There are a range of developmental frameworks to support you, which are tailored to your individual learning needs.

Probationary Period

Medway Community Healthcare recognises the importance of introducing employees effectively into the organisation.  We appreciate that learning a new job is a challenging experience for most people and that it takes time to adjust to new people, new surroundings and new ways of working.

All newly hired staff and existing staff who are moved to a new position are subject to the Probationary Period Policy which provides a framework for supporting staff in the first 6 months of starting their new job and resolving any early difficulties which may occur in the performance of the job.

The underlying principles of this policy are for new employees to receive a full induction with the appropriate, and timely, training to provide the best opportunity for a successful probation.