What sort of referrals do you accept into the yellow pathway?

Children who have speech and language difficulties that meet our criteria 

Children who have musculoskeletal problems and need acute physiotherapy

What is a screening clinic?

Sometimes  professionals involved with the child( pre-school / health visitors and schools ) and parents ring in with concerns. After a telephone triage therapist may decide to bring the child in for a quick assessment.

Children under 5 years that are  referred for speech, sensory or movement problems may well be seen first in screening clinic before decisions are made on the longer term management plan.

What are parent support sessions?

Every Monday at Snapdragons we hold several different parent support sessions. These cover a range of topics such as Sleep, feeding, behaviour, speech, hypermobility and sensory processing problems. Parents can directly book themselves into any of these sessions by ringing 03001235005

A full list of dates is available in the schools newsletter on our website. We encourage schools to let parents know about the sessions.