What is the red pathway?

The red pathway is for all children and young people under 19 years old in Medway. This incorporates the health visiting and school nursing services. The pathway encompasses all the universal public health services for 0-19 years.

 For example, a new birth visit, development reviews; measuring growth in Reception year and year 6 and others within the national Healthy Child Programme. Contacts may be in the home or community settings.

 Some children with additional needs may move to other pathways, although they may still also receive services under the red pathway, for example routine screening.

Does my child need to be referred to this pathway?

No, all children are automatically on this pathway initially. If you are new to the area then you may wish to contact our services to let us know.

What additional services are offered in this pathway?

There is a wide variety of Parent education sessions offered to the public, such as Introducing Solid Foods, Postnatal groups, Sleep and Toileting. Parents can book themselves onto any of these by contacting their local Children and family Hub. Support is also offered for these and other issues through home visits, packages of care and school education sessions.

In addition, there are a number of Healthy Child Clinics across Medway.