What can an ADHD Nurse Provide?

The service is provided by a multi-skilled team of registered nurses who specialise in Neurodevelopmental Disorders, some of these nurses have advanced training and like Doctors are able to assess, diagnose and prescribe medications.

They can give clinical care, advice, support and education to families and school staff, children and young people up to the age of 18 years old, with ADHD and associated comorbid disorders.

The team work in partnership with parents and carers, education teams, children’s community nurses, continuing care, social care and the wider multi-professional team to enable children and young people to access the support they require.

Do the nurses have contact with other professionals who see my child?

Yes. We liaise with paediatricians locally and professionals within MCH, including therapists, and other outside agencies, such as social care and schools, to provide a holistic approach to the care of the children and young people.

Do the Nurses provide training or information about medications?

We provide training to education staff and we are happy to support any service or family in relation to ADHD, ADHD  medication and treatment. Medication information packs are given to all families and are available on request.

Why do they have screening packs and request updated information?

We are not based in schools but the young people we see spend much of their time in educational settings. We recognise that like parents school staff can provide valuable information about how a young person presents, changes in their presentation and the reason why.

NICE Guidelines tell us that for a diagnosis to be made we must have information from other sources e.g. schools. There are also very clear guidelines around the use of medication and monitoring of medication.


When reviewing medication we may ask for updated information in relation to how young people are coping or if there have been changes this informs our treatment plans. When starting medication or following changes Medication Assessment Packs are used to monitor the effect of medication on symptoms and side effects

Do all children need medication?

No, medication is an individual choice and again NICE Guidelines are clear about the use of medication. Some young people may not be able to take medication due to health issues and our staff will advise and offer support options.

Do you offer family support?

Yes. We act as an advocate and provide advice and support to families meeting their children’s needs. We are able to sign-post to and refer to specialist services as necessary, source relevant information and liaise with agencies supporting the family.