What is the green pathway.

This pathway is for intervention for children 0-19 who require therapy input such as occupational therapy, neurological physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and dietetics

The Occupational therapist has suggested using small equipment to help a child such as sloping writing board, fiddle toys and move and sit cushions. Who buys these?

Small equipment is purchased by schools. Here is a list of useful websites





Will the child be seen in school for therapy?

Mostly, children are seen in school for ongoing intervention. We work as a multi-disciplinary team which includes therapists and technical instructors. All are skilled in key areas of therapeutic delivery.

If a child does not meet the criteria for NHS OT or SLT what should the school do?

The decision to buy in extra therapy is entirely up to schools. MCH do provide a buy back service but other providers are available.

If you are interested in buying therapy services please contact medch.childrenservices@nhs.net