As your child grows and develops it is important for you to know how they are progressing and to have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about their development.

The 6-12 month review, with a member of your health visiting team, is a vital part of the Healthy Child Programme and available to all children and is your chance to meet with someone from the health visiting team to talk about your child and how they are progressing - make sure you don’t miss yours.

Your child is just starting to develop new skills, crawling and taking their first steps. The review means that if there are any concerns about their development, an early referral can be made. The review will offer support for you as parents or carers to learn more about new skills in coping with the changes to your child’s behaviour at this age, for example, sleep routines, fussy eating, oral health etc.

What to expect

A member of the health visiting team will either come to your home, or you will be invited to attend your local children’s centre. There will be an opportunity for you to discuss the ages and stages questionnaire (sent to you with the appointment letter) and any concerns which you may have. We will also weigh and measure your child.

We can also offer:

  • general health advice
  • referrals on to other services if appropriate
  • the opportunity to weigh and measure your child
  • stop smoking advice