As your child continues to grow and develop we offer another opportunity to see how they are progressing and to have the opportunity to ask any new questions you may have about their development.

Why is the 2.5-5 year review important?

This review is a final assessment of your child’s development before they start school and formal education.

There may be new concerns or problems that were previously not an issue or were thought to be resolving. For example: behaviour; toilet training regression; speech difficulties; self-care and social skills.

What to expect

Most families will be sent a questionnaire for the parent(s) to complete and return regarding their child’s development. You may then be contacted for further assessment, advice and support. Some children may be automatically given an appointment for this assessment.

School entry review

As your child is getting ready to start school, it is important to know that they are healthy and ready to start full time education.

When you apply for a primary school place you will see a link on the page for a child health questionnaire. This will give us the opportunity to address any concerns you may have in order that your child is as prepared as possible for starting school e.g. sleeping habits, diet, behaviour, toileting.

Your child’s height, weight, vision and hearing will be checked during their first year at school as part of the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP). You will have the opportunity to opt out of this if you wish. If there are any concerns about your child’s growth, a member of the team will contact you to discuss next steps.

Once your child starts school, care is taken over by our School Nursing team.