When should you expect a visit from us?


Health visitors undertake an ante natal contact on all pregnant women and their families. This is a universal contact offered to all families and is undertaken at a home visit.

The aims of this visit are to prepare parents for the birth of their baby and offer support if required. During these visits the health visitor will undertake an assessment of the overall health of the family. This includes advice on :

  • breast feeding
  • healthy eating
  • oral hygiene
  • smoking
  • Immunisations
  • concerns regarding any pre-existing health conditions and inherited blood disorders
  • mental health
  • feelings about pregnancy
  • safe sleeping and home safety

We can make referrals to partner agencies and the voluntary sector to assist them with any financial concerns, housing problems, relationship breakdowns and signpost them to other services in the community. We also offer an ante natal group to promote the development of your baby’s brain and your relationship with your unborn baby.

New Birth

Following the birth of your baby you will have a new birth home visit undertaken by a health visitor. This is performed between 10 -14 days following delivery and is offered to all new parents.

The core purpose of this contact is to undertake an assessment on the health and well- being of your family and baby. We will provide you with up to date evidence -based advice and knowledge to encourage healthy lifestyles and optimal health.

We can support you with feeding methods as well as promoting sensitive /at tuned parenting, healthy life styles and monitor the health and progress of your baby and any siblings in the home. Having a new addition to your family cannot only bring much happiness but also means many life changing adjustments. We are there to help and support.

6-8 Week Check

This contact is offered to all families and the purpose is not only to assess the progress of your baby but to undertake a therapeutic conversation and screening on how parents/partners are feeling. Every family /child is entitled to a good start in life and physical, intellectual and emotional resilience is established in early childhood. Some parents struggle with the adjustments they have to make. This could result in parents having low mood and feelings that they may not be able to rationalise. Bonding with your baby may be difficult. Health visitors have the skills to support you through this difficult time.