Who we are

Health visitors are qualified nurses who have undergone additional training in community public health nursing .There are also community health nurses, nursery nurses, oral health promotor and clinical support workers within the teams. 

Health visitors work in the community with families with young children (0 - 7 years old) to offer support and advice from pre-birth until they enter school full-time. The health visiting service provides an crucial service to children and families to promote health and reduce health inequalities by offering advice and guidance as needed.

What we do

Every child and family is entitled to five health checks. These will include 

  • Antenatal 
  • New birth 
  • 6-8 weeks 
  • 10 - 12 month review 
  • 2-2.5 year review 

In addition, we offer a pre-school entry review.

For more information on these checks look here > 

The height and weight is measured in Reception year and Year 6 while the Hearing and Vision test is done in Reception Year. This is part of the National Child Measurement Programme.

If further support is required, please contact the number below.

The health visiting team offer packages of care when families require extra advice and support. The packages offered include maternal mental health; relationship issues; children with additional needs, feeding issues and nutrition, child development, children’s sleep, toileting and behaviour.

For sleep, toileting and behaviour families will first be invited to a one-off parent education session. If further support is required then the health visitor will complete a home visit to assess the situation and refer the family to the Child Development Team (CDT) for Package of Care. The Package of Care may last for 3 to 6 weeks.

We work closely with midwives, GPs, Paediatricians, local children’s centres and voluntary organisations to provide you with the best possible care.

Our health visiting team provide advice and support on:

  • Safe sleep, toilet training, managing tantrums, safety to reduce accidents in the home and child health.
  • General parenting support. 
  • Family health and minor illnesses.
  • Growth, physical and emotional development. 
  • Importance of play, stimulation and learning through play.
  • Specific support on subjects such as postnatal depression and parental emotional wellbeing
  • Advice on immunisations and national screening programmes
  • Advice on family health and minor illnesses
  • Breastfeeding, introducing solids and health eating.

In addition, we offer healthy child clinics and postnatal groups

How can I access the services

If you would like to talk to a health visitor, please contact the duty line on 0300 123 3444, and choose option 4 between Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

You will automatically be contacted for your five health checks by our team.