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Who we are

We are a team of speech and language therapists and technical instructors with specialist interests and knowledge in all communication related disorders. We work across several clinical sites and will see your child for assessment and treatment at one of these or at the childs edcucational setting.

What we do

Initial appointment – carried out by a qualified speech and language therapist. This can take up to 1 hour and involves a case history taken from yourself and a range of assessments carried out with your child and you in the session.

Therapy intervention – carried out by our specialist team including speech and language therapy technicians. Each sessions can be up to 45 mins dependent on the individual child. During this session strategies will be demonstrated with you and your child to target specific areas of communication difficulty. Intervention may be 1-1, in a pair or small group with other children.

How can I access the services

Professionals working with your child can refer them in to our service using the online referral form from 2 years 6 months.

Speech and language therapy resources

Advice and support for children’s speech and language development for early years and school age children.

All referral forms should be completed and forwarded to