Who we are

We are registered with the Healthcare Professions Council and hold either a Master’s Degree or a Science Degree in our chosen field. We are actively involved in continued learning at local and national level to ensure the best evidence-based treatment options are offered to our patients.                       

We assess, diagnose, and treat childhood and adolescent disorders of the foot. Our children’s podiatrists have specialist knowledge in assessing the structure and function of the lower limb. This can include the assessment of the condition or disease and its impact on participation and wellbeing linked to foot, ankle and lower limb health. We work as an integral member of our multi-disciplinary team and work closely with our musculoskeletal physiotherapist, neuro physiotherapist and orthotist on more complex cases.

We are commissioned to deliver a musculoskeletal service only.  We undertake a biomechanical assessment of foot and toe deformities, concerning gait and lower limb pain. We aim to reduce pain, improve mobility, and increase independence and wellbeing. We can help with numerous conditions including; cerebral palsy, Juvenile idiopathic arthritis, hypermobility and flexible flat feet. Please note we do not see nail conditions e.g. ingrown toe nails or skin conditions e.g. verrucas.

What we do

Your child’s referral will be triaged by our podiatrist or physiotherapist so they are seen by the most appropriate professional. A patient’s initial podiatry appointment is an assessment but a pre-assessment may be undertaken over the phone due to covid 19. During the initial assessment the podiatrist will check the range of motion, muscle strength and function, and review gait and posture.  At an initial assessment the podiatrist will work alongside the family to create an individualised, achievable treatment plan and therapy outcomes (or goals) to improve their lower limb condition. We provide support and encouragement to help patients become as independent as possible and take charge of their own care.

How can I access the services

By filling in the link below which will take you to our referral form

All referral forms should be completed and forwarded to medch.childrenscommunity@nhs.net