We are a team of qualified physiotherapists and technical instructors with specialist interests and knowledge in movement patterns and difficulties with a range of neurological conditions. We work with children who have difficulties with movement, posture and gait. We work across several clinical sites and will see your child for assessment and treatment at one of these.

The physiotherapy team is split into musculoskeletal physiotherapy, which involves assessment and treatment of biomechanical issues such as knee pain, foot pain and back pain, by physiotherapists and podiatrists. Our MSK team have specialist knowledge in the movement, development and conditions that can affect young children. The physiotherapy team also consists of neurological physiotherapists who have a specialist interest and knowledge in a wide range of neurological conditions, they support children who experience difficulties with their gross motor development , movement patterns, posture, muscle tone and gait. Children are treated in a variety of settings including, clinics, schools, nursery’s and homes.

Initial appointment – carried out by a qualified physiotherapist. This can take up to 1 hour and involves a case history taken from yourself and a range of assessments carried out with your child and you in the session. Please be prepared that you may need to remove some of your childs clothing for the assessment, if your child is not comfortable with this please ensure wearing loose fitting clothing is worn to the appointment.

Therapy intervention – carried out by our specialist team including physiotherapy technicians. Each sessions can be up to 45 minutes dependent on the individual child. During this session strategies will be demonstrated with you and your child to target specific areas of difficulty. Our therapists pride themselves on the child being at the centre of their care, following the assessment any interventions and goals will be discussed and jointly agreed between the therapist, child and family . If ongoing physiotherapy input is required, families are expected to be involved with complying and delivering this care for their child.

All referral forms should be completed and forwarded to medch.childrenscommunity@nhs.net