The paediatric dietitians work with children and their families to ensure that their dietary intake helps them to meet their full potential for growth and development.

We assess a child’s diet using information provided by the child and, or the family, and then aim to work together with them, to agree any changes to help improve the child's nutritional intake as required.

Within the children's therapy team we see children who have complex needs in addition to their nutritional needs, and who also require input by at least one other member of our team. These children may include those diagnosed with epilepsy, cerebral palsy, autism, genetic conditions or syndromes and or learning difficulties.

We will often work alongside the other members of team; this is especially the case for children who have any feeding difficulties (physical or sensory). These children often cough, gag or choke on food or drinks, have recurrent chest infections, are extreme fussy eaters, or have poor or excessive weight gain.

We do not see normally developing children who are over weight, have allergies or intolerances or acute medical conditions, these children should be referred to the nutrition and dietetics team >. Children with cystic fibrosis or diabetes will see a dietitian within their specialist medical team.