Who we are

Our team includes Paediatricians, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists who specialise in assessing children with social communication difficulties.

What we do

Social communication is a term used to describe a child’s ability to understand and interpret social rules, cues and interactions including use of eye contact, gestures, facial expressions to enable them to communicate with others effectively. This also includes a child’s ability to regulate their emotion, making and sustaining friendships and understanding humour and non-literal language.

For pre-school children – once your child’s referral is accepted onto our pathway they will be invited into Snapdragons Special Needs Nursery for three consecutive 3 hour sessions (one per week). Your child will be assessed by the team within a nursery setting with therapists  and nursery staff leading the day. A medical and developmental assessment will be taken by the paediatrician. During group work and play sessions children will be assessed by the therapists and nursery staff. At the end of the three weeks, the team will share the their findings with you. Your child will then be invited for 3 sessions in the nursery and some further intervention with the therapy team.

For school aged children – once your referral from the school has been accepted, parents will be invited ‘Information Session for Parents’ where you will find out about the pathway and what the assessment process entails.  Your child then will be offered a 2 hour appointment with the team. A developmental and medical history will be taken by the Paediatrician and a detailed assessment into your child’s social communication skills will be explored by the therapists. At the end of this appointment they will share their findings with you and formulate a plan for you and your child’s school to support your child needs. Your child may find this leaflet helpful to prepare for the appointment.

How can I access the services

Parents and Schools concerns about their children or young person with developmental behaviour should refer to the school nurse who will complete an assessment and they will decide on referral into appropriate pathway.


All referral forms should be completed and forwarded to medch.childrenscommunity@nhs.net