Who we are

Health Visitors visit families before the baby is born and afterwards we monitor health and wellbeing of families with children up to seven years old. Part of our work is to help parents manage their emotional health.

What we do

The health visiting team assess parents for signs of depression and anxiety both before the baby is born and afterwards up until the child is seven years old. We can offer a series of six weekly listening visits, to help parents find ways to manage their emotions and feelings if they are struggling with low mood or mild anxiety. We can also signpost or refer on to other services such as voluntary support services, counselling, GP and mental health services including specialist mother and baby mental health services.

How can I access the services

Health visitors will visit before the baby is born between 28 and 32 weeks and at 2 weeks after delivery, and at 6-8 weeks. Checks will be offered at 1 yr and 2-2 ½ years. An additional visit at 4-6 months may be offered. If you are experiencing low mood or  are feeling anxious please contact your health visiting service on 0300 123 3444 (option 4) and your health visitor will arrange to see you.