The pressure on all NHS services across Kent and Medway has risen significantly due to the higher infection rates in the community.

Think 111 first

All our hospitals are very busy and we expect this to continue for some time.

To help you get the quickest and most appropriate treatment please call 111 first before heading to any walk-in services like A&E or Urgent Treatment Centres.

If you need urgent care NHS111 can now book a timed appointment for you at the most appropriate service including urgent treatment centres and A&E if needed.

NHS 111 is also available online at  

Stop the spread of the virus

Covid-19 vaccines are being rolled out but this will take several months. We need your help now.

The number of seriously ill Covid-19 patients needing hospital care will stay high as long as the infection rates stay high. Covid-19 remains a serious illness which kills.

To protect yourself, family and friends and help the NHS; everyone in Kent and Medway needs to do their bit.

We all need to follow the guidance for being in a Tier 4 area.  


Self-isolate if you have symptoms or are asked to do so

It is essential to self-isolate along with everyone in your household if someone has symptoms of the virus, or are contacted by the Test and Trace services self-isolate straight away. If you have symptoms of Covid-19 you can book a test by calling 119 or online at

Self-isolating does mean not going out or having any visitors. Please read and follow the guidance on how and when to self-isolate. We know it’s tough but it is essential to:

  • save lives
  • get the restrictions on Kent and Medway reduced.

Helping our most ill and urgent patients

The NHS across Kent and Medway is working together to provide support where needed and have cooperated to ensure we have opened more critical care beds. We’re continuing to provide cancer and other urgent operations and will aim to carry on providing other non-covid treatments as much as possible; but in some cases we need to move staff so they can support the additional critical care beds we have opened.

Patients who have appointments should still attend. If we need to reschedule an appointment patients will be contacted directly.

NHS services are available if you need us. Spotting problems early is vital, especially cancers. GPs are continuing to refer patients to hospitals as normal.