The Phlebotomy Service at Medway Community Healthcare (MCH) has introduced an online appointment system which can be used by patients and by GPs who refer patients for blood tests.

This system will improve the patient experience through streamlining the service and reducing waiting times. The service is web based and will be available for GPs and patients to book appointments from a dedicated website to assist our existing Call Centre.

As of this week, it will be possible to view and book all appointments for all MCH phlebotomy sites. 

Additional Information
o    Patients can visit our website, where they will find a link at the top of the homepage to book, or search for “Blood Test” to book their GP Blood Test appointment
o    Patient’s family members should be encouraged to make appointments online on their behalf, if the patient has no access to online services
o    Patients can still telephone to make an appointment, if they prefer not to use the online system.

Here is a poster and leaflet which can be printed and displayed in surgeries. Here are some FAQs for GPs.