As you may be aware around this festive time of the year many businesses close for the day or have adjusted hours. Please see the opening times of MCH Pentagon should you have any emergencies outside of these hours please call 111, or 999 if needed:

Monday 24th Dec               8am – 1pm    2pm – 6pm
Tuesday 25th Dec                            CLOSED
Wednesday 26th Dec                       CLOSED
Thursday 27th Dec            8am – 1pm – 2pm – 6.30pm
Friday 28th Dec                 8am – 1pm – 2pm – 6.30pm

Monday 31st Dec              8am – 1pm  -  2pm – 6pm
Tuesday 1st Jan                               CLOSED
Wednesday 2nd Jan              Back to Normal Hours

These dates are the same for MCH Sunlight apart from these two differences:

Monday 24th Dec               8am – 1pm    2pm – 6:30pm
Monday 31st Dec                8am – 1pm    2pm – 6:30pm