There will be a national test of the UK’s new Emergency Alerts system on Sunday April 23rd at 3pm.

The UK government’s new Emergency Alerts system is now live. The system will enable people to be contacted via their mobile phone when lives are in danger.

Emergency Alerts are sent to compatible mobile phones within an area of risk.

They don’t track your location, need your phone number, or collect personal data, and only the emergency services can send them. You can check an alert is genuine at 

  An Emergency Alert is a loud, siren-like sound with a message on your screen. The test alert will be sent to most mobile phones across the UK. Devices will make a distinct, siren-like sound for up to 10 seconds, including on phones switched to silent mode. Phones will also vibrate and display a message about the test. You can hear an example of what the test will look and sound like in this explainer video. 

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