In order to help vulnerable elderly members of Medway, a scheme has been launched offering free cab rides to and from local Medway vaccination centres.  It is being set up by the Rotary Club of Medway in partnership with Vokes, Windmill and Rainham Taxis, who have kindly provided £4000 as a start-up fund for the scheme. 
Knowing that elderly people without their own transport are the most vulnerable to Covid 19, Rotarians are appealing for donations to make the scheme even bigger, with a target of raising another £8,000 on top of the £4,000 already donated by the cab firm bosses. 
The community of Medway are being asked to donate towards the scheme via the Virgin Money Giving page, where contributions from taxpayers can be enhanced with Gift Aid of 25% being added. 
Elderly and vulnerable residents without their own means of transport to and from Medway vaccination centres, can access the Cabs4Jabs scheme on the Vokes telephone number of 01634 22 22 22 requesting the ‘Cabs4Jabs’ charity facility.  The Vokes cab co-ordinator will then arrange the transport, with cab drivers ultimately being reimbursed at a greatly discounted rate from the charity fund. 
President of Medway Rotary Alex Hyne said ‘We are delighted to help our most vulnerable residents in this way.  In keeping with our service ethic, we want to help those who haven’t other means and can’t afford a cab to travel safely to and from this life saving vaccination programme in Medway’.   
Part owner of Vokes, Windmill and Rainham Taxis, Mark Robinson who proposed the initiative said, ‘As companies who care about our communities, we wanted to do something constructive that would support the frontline workers in a tangible way.  We believe that by helping to protect the most vulnerable and preventing their potential hospitalisation, we can play our part in saving lives and protecting the NHS for others who might need it.’ 
The scheme will be advertised through Doctors surgeries, the Covid testing hubs and via social media, encouraging as wide a social network sharing as possible.  To ensure the safety of passengers, drivers will regularly sanitise their vehicles and wear protective masks. 
For enquiries on behalf of The Rotary Club of Medway contact:  Rotarian David HATCHER – 07771 831429 – 
For enquiries on behalf of Vokes, Windmill and Rainham Taxis contact:  Monica STOKES – 01634 22 22 22  –