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Team name: Continence
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Unit 7, Ambley Green, Gillingham Business Park, Gillingham, Kent, ME8 0NJ

Team phone: 0300 123 3444

About our team

The Continence Service provides specialist community-based expert advice and support for anyone over the age of 19 with bladder or bowel dysfunction.

We actively promote continence and manage incontinence by providing written information, education, treatment, management and support to patients, their carers and to trained healthcare staff responsible for their care

Advice and support can be given over the telephone or at face to face consultations at one of our Continence Clinics. Alternatively, for those who are housebound this can take place at home. 

When an individual has been identified as having bladder and/or bowel problems, a comprehensive assessment will be completed by our team to identify the nature and extent of the problem/s. We will recommend and advise on an appropriate pathway of care which includes treatment and management, this includes the supply of continence products if required.

Housebound patients

For housebound patients we will arrange to visit at home to complete an assessment and at the time of the booking it is helpful to confirm if a family member or carer needs to be present to assist with providing a history.

It is important that a bladder and bowel diary and patient symptom questionnaire is completed prior to assessment to help identify a treatment pathway. 

It is helpful to have a urine sample available for testing.

If treatment/management has been unsuccessful or is not appropriate and you are assessed as requiring pads (washable/disposable) then these will be supplied by P Hartmann and delivered by Whitefield Distribution.

Trust policy limits the number of pads provided to 4 per day as there are varying absorbencies available to suit most peoples needs.  However, if more pads are required or you are waiting for an assessment pads can be purchased from a local supermarket or chemist or from P Hartman directly.

GP or external referrals to Continence Team

  • There is open referral to our service which means, they can be made by an individual, relative, carer, ward nurse, care home staff, GP, Consultant, or by Social Service. You can refer to our service by calling 0300 123 3444 Monday to Friday

We see patients in 4 clinic locations and will endeavour to see you in your preferred location although we may ask you to attend an alternative clinic to ensure you are seen in a timely manner.

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