At ourZone in Rochester, you can enjoy meeting new people, getting involved with a wide range of activities and experiences and learn new skills, all with the support of a specialist team.

Open to people who are over 18 and have physical or long term health conditions, at ourZone you will get the support you are looking for to help you achieve your goals and aspirations with the full assistance of our friendly experienced team.

Find out more and join

If you are over 18 years of age and you would like to find out more please call the ourZone team on 01634 335580 or by email or complete our online form using the 'Join us' button below:

Activities at ourZone are split into different zones, where you can take part in different activities, learn different skills and socialise with different people.

Click on the links below to find out more about each of the zones:-


The club is the place to go if you fancy taking some time out to play some sports and games, such as pool and table tennis or maybe one of the many board games that we have on offer.

In the Club Zone, you can also take part in various craft activities that we offer, including painting and drawing.

This is the Zone where you can socialise and enjoy activities together, with your friends or with carers and the our Zone team.


The College Zone is the ideal place for you to learn and develop new skills like computing and cooking.

As well as this, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in work experience in our tuck shop and get information and advice on healthy lifestyles.

You can set yourself your own goals and ambitions and we will work with you to help you achieve those, so you can become better placed in the world.


Enjoy the great outdoors? You will love the Garden Zone.

Here you will have the opportunity to take part in planting and other gardening activities in our special indoor garden, providing you with the opportunity to take responsibility for the growth of your plants and also offering you a space where you can relax and enjoy the tranquillity of the garden.


The Myself Zone is where you can get find out about all the help and support that you might need – including arranging personal care and key worker support along with any help that you might need to access any other services such as physiotherapy, speech and language therapy or community nursing.

In this Zone, we can also help you arrange other paid for services, such as the hairdresser and beautician.


The Spa Zone is the place where you can exercise and take any occupational therapy sessions that you would like to help increase your strength, not just physically, but mentally too.

We also offer you the use of a gym and the opportunity to join in with our regular trips to the swimming pool.

You will also get the opportunity to use our new sensory room, to help you relax and de-stress.

Our centre was refurbished and re-opened in November 2017. Take a tour of the new facilities using the 'Take a tour' button below: