We are looking forward to restarting children’s services and working with all our Medway schools from September 2020.

We will be reopening our referrals to schools and have redesigned some of our services so that we can offer a more comprehensive response to your pupils needs. The main changes are within the:

  • Indigo Pathway now called the Indigo Behaviour and Development Pathway which includes our ASD and ADHD diagnostic service. Click here >
  • School Nursing
  • Speech and language therapy in mainstream schools. Click here >
  • Supporting speech, language and communication needs in Medway special schools and specialist provisions. Click here >

Quick referral guidance


Referral guidance

ASD, ADHD and Behaviour management

Refer to your named school nurse. Please do not refer directly to the Specialist Children’s Service

Speech and Language Therapy

Discuss with your schools named SLT who will advise. Please do not refer directly to the Specialist Children’s Service

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, Dietitians

Refer using the online forms

School Nursing 7-18 years

Please complete on-line referral form. Young people and parents\carers can also self-refer in to the school nursing service using the on-line referral form on the MCH website. Anyone can call the school nursing duty line during weekdays on 0300 123 3444 selecting option 1 & 3 for Children’s services.



Health visiting 0-7 years

Please complete on-line referral form or contact the H/V duty line on 0300 123 3444 selecting option 1 & 3 for Children’s services.



Keeping school staff and pupils safe

We have designed our offer to schools to meet strict infection control guidance to keep your staff and pupils as safe as possible. Please find full guidance here > This means that many of our face to face contacts will happen out of school in our clinics or the child’s home. We will still visit schools to undertake medical needs that occur during the school day, for equipment checks and for important observation visits. Before we come to your school we will make an appointment so we can both discuss our requirements for safe visiting. 

How we can keep in touch with all schools in Medway

As we will not be seeing each other face to face as much, it is really important for us that we have robust communication processes in place. We will be requesting to set up regular conference calls that are diarised by both parties. Within the NHS our method of communication is through Microsoft TEAMs. Our staff will be able to set this up so school staff just have to click onto the link to start the meeting. There are no limits to the numbers of people that can be on the call.

Can you help us talk to young people confidentially?

On occasions we may ask to speak with child/young person or to assess their needs via a virtual contact whilst the child is in school. We use an NHS secure system to do this called Accurx. To facilitate we request the school provides a room that enables a confidential conversation or assessment and a computer. Younger pupils will need to be accompanied and if we are assessing a child we will require a school staff member to facilitate the assessment for the child.  We will set up the conference at a mutually agreeable time and provide a simple link for school to use. For older pupils we may request that a school staff member is not present so that the young person can speak easily about their issues.

IT Poverty. Can you help?

Sometimes we find that families do not have access to any IT and they may need school to help make contact. Providing the IT and a confidential room for us would be very helpful and ensure our most vulnerable families are not deprived.

Please help us facilitate our IT systems in your school

We have found in the past that the schools IT fire walls are very robust and often don’t allow an education/NHS interface. We do hope your school IT manager will be able to facilitate the systems described at the start of the school year so that we do not fall behind early on with our joint working

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You may like to join the live webinar to hear about all the health provision in Medway - dates will be available soon