Foundation skills for communication

Signing and gesture parent training session

This presentation will be helpful for people who have been recommended to/ are interested in supporting a child’s language development using signing and gesture. It may be that you are a parent/carer who is concerned about a child's use of language or understanding of language. It may be that a professional has recommended this presentation to you. The presentation includes information about the benefits of using signing and gesture to support spoken language development and advice on how to use signing and gesture. There are some video clips of parents using signing and gesture with their children and some video clips of a speech and language therapist demonstrating the signs for a variety of early words.  

Developing Language

This presentation talks about language skills in young children and key milestones in typical development. It explores concepts used in assessment and therapy such as information carrying words (or key words) and strategies parents can use to support their child's language development.

Interaction skills

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Documents and advice

Social communication

Speech sound skills

This presentation will be helpful if you are concerned about the development of your child’s pronunciation of words. Perhaps you are worried about particular sounds that your child cannot say. The presentation aims to help you understand how speech sounds typically develop in children and what are normal error processes, and what difficulties might require help. We also give some strategies and activities to try at home to support your child’s speech. You might be advised to watch this presentation by your child’s health visitor, pre-school or speech and language therapist.

Documents and advice

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Supporting vocabulary and word finding