Our stroke service is responsible for all patients who have had a stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA). The service is a multi-disciplinary team and all clinicians are experts in their field.

As stroke is a medical emergency, it is important to get anyone expected of having a stroke to Accident and Emergency (A & E) as quickly as possible. The Face Arm Speech Time (FAST) test is used by paramedics to diagnose a stroke prior to a person being admitted to hospital. FAST requires an assessment of three symptoms of a stroke. They are:

  • Facial weakness - has their mouth or eye dropped, can they smile.
  • Arm weakness- can the person raise both arms in the air.
  • Speech weakness - can the person talk normally, can they understand you.
  • Time - to call 999.

More information on FAST can be found here >

GPs can refer directly to the TIA service for assessment by the stroke team using our online referral form. GPs can also page the team on 01634 830000 bleep 883 for advice 8-8pm.

Stroke services work from the following locations:

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