The Wisdom Hospice and the community palliative care teams are currently operating as normal, however visiting is no longer permitted at the hospice, to protect our patients and staff

Our specialist palliative care service based at the Wisdom Hospice offers a multi-disciplinary team approach, including a team based in Medway Maritime Hospital, funded primarily by the NHS, with support from the friends of the Wisdom Hospice >

The service includes fifteen in-patient beds, bereavement support, advice and psychosocial and family support to patients and families. We provide community palliative care at home, as well as advice and support through our Day Therapy Centre. Our hospital palliative care team provide advice and support for in-patients referred in Medway Maritime Hospital.

Our team also support education locally, nationally and internationally as well as volunteer bereavement counsellors who provide support to bereaved families.

Referral into the service can be made by any healthcare professional and for patients at home it is with the agreement of the GP.

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