Key information

Team name:   Medication Clinic Team
Clinical Lead: Grace Duduyemi
Team email:
Team address: Unit 7 Ambley Green, Gillingham
Team phone: 0300 123 3444

About the team

The Medication Clinic team also know as the IV Team is a specialist community based team that supports non-house bound patients with medications via various routes, in-dwelling drainage and chemotherapy disconnection.

The team offers clinic appointments for:

  • Patients on intravenous antibiotics and injectable medications
  • Maintenance of long-term vascular access device such as peripherally inserted  central catheter (PICC), midlines, hickman line and portacath.
  • Support patients with variety of drains including pleural and peritoneal catheter drainage such as Pleurx and Rocket drain
  • Chemotherapy disconnection
  • Support for patient on symptom-control syringe drivers

The Medication Clinic team work closely with other healthcare professionals to support patients that requires the service.

Patient can self-refer by calling 0300 123 3444

Medication Clinic Resources