We continue to work with our health and social care colleagues to support patients in their own home who are well enough to leave hospital; freeing up hospital beds for those with the most need.

Home first is our motto.

We aim to promote independent living in your own home to ensure quality of life.

Our service supports people in the early stages of recovery from an acute episode of illness through rehabilitation, enablement and mutually agreed goals.

Rehabilitation and enablement is about encouraging and helping you to do things for yourself. Our specially trained staff will work with you, helping you to regain your independence.

The Intermediate Care Team will give you advice on how to cope with illness and disability and will provide you with equipment to assist you (if required and appropriate) with your daily routine. This will enable you to practice daily living skills such as washing and dressing, and will help to rebuild your confidence.

We will fully involve you in your care and we will provide you with the information you will need.

Together we will identify the goals that are most important to you and enable you to maximise your potential.

We will encourage you to use your strengths to learn new skills and adapt to your current needs.

Your personal goals will be reviewed and updated throughout your time with us, which could be up to a maximum of six weeks. This may include a short stay in our inpatient unit followed by a rehabilitation programme at home which may require Care management support and ongoing therapy. You may be well enough to receive your whole enablement programme within your own home

We are a team of Nurses, Therapists, Care Managers and Rehab Staff who will support you to achieve your goals in a variety of different settings.

Your Home

Discharge to Assess (Home first- only available on discharge from Acute Trust) 01634 891900

Rapid Response Therapy 01634 382200

Rapid Response Care Management 01634 382200

Inpatient units

Britannia (Nurse Led) 01634 835976

Platters Farm Lodge (Therapy Led) 01634 377579

Once your programme with us is near completion, you will be reassessed as to any ongoing needs you may have. These referrals may include Social Services, Voluntary Services, Community Nursing, Community Therapy, Equipment Services, Telecare and many more that may be specific to your need to prevent future hospital admissions and to maintain your level of independence.