About the team

The Medway Integrated Locality Review (ILR) Team is a multi-disciplinary team of specialists set up as part of the Medway Local Plan. The ILR Team meet weekly via Teams, to discuss patients who have been referred with multiple long-term conditions, complex needs, people living with frailty, and needs which are dealt with by different agencies. The purpose of the ILR Meetings is to proactively support patients, preventing an unnecessary rapid decline into poor health and to make sure patients receive the best care and support through creating a multi-agency holistic care plan so that everyone involved in your care is working on the same plan taking your own goals in relation to your care into account.

Who is involved?

Each meeting has representation from:

  • Medway GPs

  • Kent & Medway Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Medway Community Healthcare
  • Consultant Geriatrician from Medway Foundation Trust
  • Medway Council (Social Services)
  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Kent and Medway Partnership Trust (Mental Health)
  • Other partners such as Telecare, Turning Point, SECAMB, Kent Fire and Rescue Service and MHS Homes may attend

How do I get a referral to ILR?

Referrals are welcomed from GPs and other health and social care professionals. You must consent to the referral being made.

Do I need to attend?

No. The ILR meeting is attended by professionals involved in your care and all recommendations will be relayed to your GP who will then discuss outcomes with you and your family.

What happens next?

The ILR team are a highly skilled team of professionals and have acquired the expert knowledge base, complex decision-making skills and clinical competencies for expanded practice. The team will use advanced clinical assessment skills to complete a holistic assessment considering your psychological, physical and social needs. There is a collaborative process of shared decision making to agree goals and identify support needs and to ensure plans are in place to achieve optimum care for you. The ILR aims to help you achieve your own goals in relation to your care. The team has both a health and social care element and can agree actions that need to be taken during the course of the meeting which reduces delays in referring to services and waiting for your case to be allocated. The ILR team can make referrals to other services on your behalf if they feel you would benefit from that referral i.e. IMAGO, Social Services. All recommendations will be forwarded onto your GP who can then discuss the outcomes with you.