We are operating a service but that in a majority of cases the first contact with the service will be by telephone

Key Information

Team name: Falls Prevention Team
Team Lead: Ben Muvhuti
Team email: medch.communityrehabteam@nhs.net
Team address: Walter Brice Rehabilitation Centre, Tilley Close, Hoo, Rochester, Kent, ME3 9AE
Team phone: 0300 123 3444

About the team

The Falls Prevention Team is part of the community rehabilitation team which is made up of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Rehabilitation Assistants whose advanced skills provide comprehensive multifactorial assessments to patients in Medway with a history of falls or who are at risk of falls.

The multifactorial falls specialist assessment consisting of:

  • Cognition as well as ability to plan to carry out daily tasks
  • vision
  • sensation and proprioception (joint and movement sensation)
  • flexibility
  • weakness and co-ordination
  • posture, balance and walking ability
  • Home environmental assessment

What will happen after the assessment?

Following the assessment, the clinician will discuss their findings, set appropriate goals and treatment plan. Based on the clinical needs of the patient the treatment will be carried out either at home or in our outpatient settings. The patient will be seen either on a one to one basis or in our group exercises class.

What will treatment include?

  • develop falls prevention action plans to increase confidence with walking and daily activities, increase confidence and reduce fear of falling.
  • individually tailored home exercise programmes to improve balance, muscle strength, confidence and physical well-being.
  • group exercise and education classes within the community at a variety of locations.
  • home environment assessments and recommendations and/or equipment to increase safety and reduce the risk of falls in and around the home.
  • teach people how to cope in the event of a fall (including how to get up off the floor or seek help if unable).
  • the provision of appropriate walking aids
  • information about other relevant services.

We are also an education resource to patients, families, carers and health professionals.

We accept self referrals to our service as well as referrals from other healthcare professionals by completing our referral form online You can also contact our service by calling switchboard on 0300 123 3444 and ask to speak to the Falls Prevention Service.

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