We are are currently running a reduced nursing service for those with specific conditions. We are providing support via telephone where appropriate. If you need to speak to a member of the team, please contact 0300 123 3444 and choose option 1 and then option 5

We offer specified packages of care to people with type one and type two diabetes to enable and promote optimal diabetes control. This may include education (Xpert), clinic appointments and telephone advice to support you, your carers and/or relatives.

Xpert education is delivered by a dedicated team of people including associate diabetes educators and education administrators. Xpert is offered on a referral basis usually, sent from GP practice on diagnosis of diabetes; but the course is also suitable for people who have had diabetes for some time. The Xpert programme is a six week group diabetes education programme. You will learn all about the up-to-date treatments and management and you will have the opportunity to explore problems and issues you may have with your diabetes.

MINT1E is a structured education course for those with Type 1 diabetes on multi-dose injections (Basal Bolus). This involves a full day session every week for four consecutive weeks and focuses on carbohydrates and insulin and their impact on blood glucose levels.

For patients who have reached maximum oral diabetes medication, or patients who are starting other types of diabetes medication, we offer clinic appointments at various locations within Medway; having received a referral from a healthcare professional. We have  diabetes specialist nurses and diabetes specialist dietitians. 

Referrals should be made by a GP, practice nurse or other healthcare professional and must include a full relevant medical history, full medications list and a copy of recent blood results.

The following forms are for use by healthcare professionals only:-