Most people can be treated by a local general dental practitioner (GDP); NHS Choices lists 39 dentists within five miles of Medway.

Some people have special physical, mental or social needs which require the support of a specialist community dental service; that’s what we provide. You can access this service by being referred through a GP or other healthcare professional.

Normal NHS dental charges apply and payment must be made before seeing the dentist, unless you are exempt from payment.

Current NHS charges are
Band 1 £23.80
Band 2 £65.20
Band 3  £282.80 
Emergency £23.80 depending on what treatment you may need.

Oral Health Promotion

Our Oral Health Promoter, provides advice and support to our Children’s Public Health Nursing Team and families across Medway ensuring that the key messages for Oral Health are always delivered at the highest standard. And include the following tab below. Visit our Oral Health Promotion page for more information.

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