Our Community Dental clinics are open but workng at reduced capacity under COVID guidelines

Most people can be treated by a local general dental practitioner (GDP); NHS Choices lists 39 dentists within five miles of Medway.

Some people have special physical, mental or social needs which require the support of a specialist community dental service; that’s what we provide. You can access this service by being referred through a GP or other healthcare professional.

Normal NHS dental charges apply and payment must be made before seeing the dentist, unless you are exempt from payment. Current NHS charges are Band 1 £22.70, Band 2 £62.10, Band 3  £269.30 and emergency £22.70 depending on what treatment you may need.

Oral Health Promotion

The role of the Community Dental Service, Oral Health Promotion Team, is to support and connect with the community encouraging good Oral Health. We work in Partnership with MCH Child and Adult services, networking to form close links with outside providers.

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