Please note - due to COVID-19, with effect from Monday 30th March 2020 the Phlebotomy clinic will no longer provide a walk in blood test service.  All blood tests will need to be booked by telephoning 01634 471098 to arrange your appointment. Please see our poster for open clinics

Blood tests are carried out to help in the diagnosis, care and treatment of various health conditions and diseases and they may be requested by your GP, your specialist team or nurse. They will give you a blood test form and provide you with information about preparation for your test. This will include:

  • for glucose tests - have nothing to eat for 10 hours; drink only tap water
  • for cholesterol tests - have nothing to eat for 12 hours; drink only tap water
  • for fasting lipids - have nothing to eat for 12 hours; drink only tap water
  • drinking water makes it easier to take your blood
  • please take all medication with water, as usual, before your test; with the exception of Digoxin which cannot be taken less than six hours before a blood test
  • if you are having a fasting blood test, medication taken with food will need to wait until after the test.

If you have been asked to have a glucose tolerance test please contact us to book an appointment on 01634 471098 Please note that the test will take two hours to complete.

Drop-in for your blood test

Our clinics are held at a choice of venues and are run on a drop-in basis - no appointment is necessary (apart from Grain Village Hall). This means you can choose when and where you have your blood test.

Due to the drop-in nature of our clinics, we may on occasion have to change our clinic times at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances such as staff sickness, or to allow us enough time to see those who are already waiting.

Blood tests for children

If your child needs a blood test you can either choose to attend the drop-in clinics or to have a booked appointment. Blood tests for children often require more time allocated in order for our staff to reassure them and for you to help calm them before the blood test is taken. A booked appointment means you have a set time for the test, which avoids any potential waiting time and so reduces your child’s anxiety levels prior to going in to the clinic.

Waiting times and possible closures

Due to high demands and occasionally, poorly patients, there can sometimes be a long wait for blood tests. Clinics may close earlier than scheduled if experiencing high demand. This is to ensure all samples are taken in time for transporting to the laboratory.

If you have any questions, or would like to find an alternative clinic, please ask a member of the phlebotomy team.