From Monday 30 March, patients within the community  anticoagulation service will no longer be able to attend as  a walk-in patient. All anticoagulation  clinics (at Balmoral Gardens, Walter Brice Centre and Rochester Healthy Living Centre) will now be by  booked appointment times only.  

Please do not attend any clinics as a walk-in patient if you have  not been  allocated a clinic appointment time.

We will contact you with an appointment if you are due to be seen in the coming weeks. Please call us on 0300 123 3444 if your require further information.

The anti-coagulation service is available to anyone living in Medway, or registered with a Medway GP, who is taking long-term (i.e. longer than a year) anticoagulation medication such as Warfarin.

This exclusive service, based at the Balmoral Healthy Living Centre, Gillingham, will check your INR level, amend your dosing - if required, and provide help and advice.

What this means to you

The anti-coagulation service will provide a simple one stop shop monitoring service. Instead of a blood sample being taken from you arm, which is then sent off with your yellow book to the pharmacists at the Warfarin clinic at Medway Maritime Hospital, you will have a finger-prick test, which will be immediately analysed using up-to-date technology.

You will be able to attend one of a number of clinics held at GP surgeries and health centres (see map below) near to your home or place of work. Early and late appointments will be available at some of the clinics to allow you to fit your appointment around your work and other commitments.

What you need to do

Every patient will need to attend an initial assessment appointment at the anti-coagulation clinic at Balmoral Healthy Living Centre, Gillingham, as well as explaining how the new service will work, specialist nurses will check your notes with you and will ask about other medication you are taking as this can impact on your dose of anticoagulation medication.

You will then be able to choose which clinic you want to use for your future regular appointments.

All referrals must be completed by a Medway GP or healthcare professional using the online referral form button below:- 

A walk-in anti-coagulation clinic (no appointment necessary) is available at Balmoral Healthy Living Centre, Gillingham.