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Rachel's story

I joined the community team straight from university in 2005 as a rookie HE Diploma adult nurse.

Rachel BurdenDuring my training, and despite enjoying most of my placements in hospital, I wanted to work in the community as a community nurse.

I was posted to Strood, and although I had never had a placement in Medway before, the feedback that fellow students had given me about the area, helped me make up my mind. Medway was the place for me.

Within the year, I completed my preceptorship and began to work on getting the necessary clinical skills to work as a community nurse. I started on a part time BSc course and soon became a senior community nurse.

I was then given the encouragement to study to become a nurse perscriber, which I was successful in achieving before moving on to become team leader and community practitioner.

More recently, I decided that I wanted to increase my knowledge and skills in palliative care, so I successfully applied for the post of facilitator of end of life care, a challenging and enjoyable role, I have to this day.

Interested in joining the team?

We have openings for community nurses to join our team at Medway Community Healthcare.

We are looking for people with a passion for caring and an understanding of the importance of treating patients within the community.

After the application stage we will be holding a recruitment day where you will get more information on Medway Community Healthcare and community nursing.

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