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Contact us for help and advice on treating and preventing pressure ulcers on 01634 792072

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Supporting your care

Change your skin

Many people are at risk of developing a pressure ulcer.

Are you or someone you care for one of them?

Pressure ulcers, also sometimes known as bedsores or pressure sores, are a type of injury that affects areas of the skin and underlying tissue.

People who are at risk include those with:

  • limited movement My thanks to the tissue viability nurses for all their help and support, they are very professional but with a caring approach that made me feel at ease.
  • poor circulation
  • skin damage
  • and wheelchair users

If you or someone you care for is at risk from a pressure ulcer it is important to know what signs to look for:

  • a change in skin colour
  • skin hot or cold to touch
  • discomfort or pain
  • blistering
  • skin damage

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