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Help and advice

Call us for help and advice on treating and preventing pressure ulcers:

01634 382767

Change your skin

Many people are at risk of developing a pressure ulcer. Is someone you care for one of them? People at risk include those with:

  • limited movement
  • poor circulation
  • skin damage
  • and wheelchair users
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Tissue viability

We provide support and advice on all aspects of complex wounds, pressure damage and leg ulcer management through telephone or email advice or face-to-face consultations with the patient and/or their healthcare professional. We accept referrals from community nurses, practice nurses, GPs in Medway, nursing homes or local prisons to see patients in our complex wound clinic (which is held on a Wednesday in Rochester) or at the patient’s home (housebound patients only).

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Following a comprehensive assessment, we will discuss and advise on possible treatment for patient’s condition and can arrange referral to other services if necessary.

The services we provide are:

  • clinics providing complex wound care assessment and treatment for mobile patients in Medway with Medway GPs
  • conservative sharp debridement (removal of dead skin with a scalpel)
  • advice and allocation of specialist pressure relieving equipment (air mattress/air cushions)
  • advice and provision of topical negative pressure equipment to aid in the healing of complex wounds
  • advice for all healthcare professionals and carers caring for patients in Medway who have complex wounds and/or pressure damage
  • training packages and education for healthcare professionals including trained staff, non-trained staff and students
  • training events for carers in Medway to educate and raise awareness regarding pressure damage

Please note that the service does not provide emergency treatment. patients with cellulitis with no wound, acute diabetic foot, arterial issues or lymphoedema should be referred to community nursing (cellulitis), diabetic podiatry (acute diabetic foot), lymphoedema service (lymphoedema) and vascular team at MFT (Arterial Issues for duplex scan).

What are the conditions assessed or treated?

  • complex wounds (i.e. a wound that has not healed within 4 weeks
  • pressure ulceration
  • non healing leg ulceration
  • vascular assessments
  • assessments for pressure relieving equipment (air mattress/air cushion)

Procedures involved

  • conservative sharp debridement

Where are we based?

Our administration office is based at Unit 7, Ambley Green, Bailey Drive, Gillingham, Kent ME8 0NJ. Our specialist nurses only visit Prison locations in Swale.

Locality or mobile patients are invited to attend the clinic held at the Rochester Healthy Living Centre.

All referrals for specialised pressure relieving equipment must be completed by a GP or healthcare professional using the online form >