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There a several different forms of Arthritis, the common thread involving the application of Physiotherapy is the maintenance of function through maintaining joint mobility and muscle strength.

What happens at a consultation?

You would first of all receive a comprehensive MSK Physiotherapy examination, including a subjective history when your past medical history and current medication use would be collected. Please bring your medication history with you to your first appointment. Please attend wearing loose clothing so that the Physiotherapist can reach areas required.

What treatments would I expect?

Treatments including manual therapies (joint mobilisations, manipulation) acupuncture and/or exercise may be offered if it is felt that they would be helpful for you. We have one independent prescriber on our team who is available for consultation should help with medication be required. Self management with exercise therapy is a vital component of treating problems with Arthritis which is often a long term condition. There is a range of help and advice available from Arthritis Research UK via booklets and online. As part of your physiotherapy rehab you will be provided with written information to help you maintain your home programme of exercise.