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Acupuncture has been found to offer short term relief in a range of MSK conditions including low back pain and neck pain. It is also currently recommended within the NICE guidelines for the management of Tension Headaches. It can provide short term relief in a number of presentations aggravated by the presence of Arthritis.

What would happen at a consultation?

You would first of all receive a comprehensive MSK Physiotherapy examination. If it was felt that acupuncture would be a useful adjunct to your overall rehab, the option of using it would be discussed with you and you would be given an information leaflet and offered to sign a consent form. You may be seen between 3-6 times for a course of treatment. The number of needles used will probably range between 1-8 at any one time.

What would I expect after treatment?

A small number of people experience more pain in the first 24 hours but this is not a cause for concern. Very occasionally you may feel light headed. It is advised that you refrain from driving on your first attendance and have something to eat in a 2 hour period beforehand. Please note that smoking may make treatment more painful. Most people will experience a reduction in their pain for as long as up to 48 hours after the first treatment, which would be hoped to lengthen with each treatment. Reassessment is key throughout your rehab and the Physiotherapist will keep you and your referrer informed of progress.