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Frequently asked questions

What happens if I do not contact the department to cancel the appointment?

To ensure that waiting times are kept to a minimum we operate a strict 'did not attend' policy. If you fail to attend and do not notify us, you and your GP will be sent a letter and you will have the opportunity to call and rebook. If you fail to attend a second appointment without notifying the department you will be discharged back to your GP.

How many sessions will I have?

This is an assessment service, so the majority of clients are only seen once. Further treatments will be provided in your first session or possibly within your follow up appointment (if arranged). Test results will either be given in person or via telephone, depending on the needs of the client.

How long will each session last?

The initial assessment will last approximately 40 minutes. Subsequent follow up sessions, if necessary,are 30 minutes.

I would like to request a chaperone

Both you and the clinician have the right to request a chaperone for all or some of the treatment sessions. If you require a chaperone please let us know when you make the appointment as we will need time to organise this.

What do I need to bring/wear?

For your treatment session please bring:

  • a list of your current medications,
  • reading glasses if you need them,
  • you may be required to undress and therefore may wish to bring shorts or vest tops.

Please inform your physiotherapist of any indwelling medical devices such as pacemakers

Will my assessment/treatments hurt?

The clinicians will try to be gentle but will need to thoroughly assess your condition which can sometimes cause pain to flare up a little. It is important to discuss this with your clinician.