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Orthopaedic assessment (CAS)

Our orthopaedic clinical assessment service (CAS) assesses patients with musculoskeletal problems e.g. bone or muscle problems and helps them to manage their condition.
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We offer expert assessment, diagnosis, provide the right medical pathway and manage many common musculoskeletal disorders.

See the manufactured made leaflet regarding the intra-articular/intramuscular injection >

Following a comprehensive assessment we can arrange x-rays, magnetic resonance imagings (MRIs) or give injections if appropriate. We will discuss and advise on any possible surgical and non-surgical treatments that may be on offer and the hospitals/departments that offer these treatments. We may also arrange referral to the hospital of the patient's choice if necessary.

Some common conditions seen by our clinicians include; lower back pain; arthritis; sports injuries shoulder problems; joint problems; whiplash and neck pain.

To be referred to our service, GPs can send a referral letter to us using the electronic referral system.

Through choose and book the GP will provide an appointment request form, a unique reference number and a password. You must then ring the number provided by the GP to activate the referral. The referral will be reviewed by one of the CAS clinicians to assess the best person to see you.

Clinics are held at the following centres:

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