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Empathy suit

If you want to provide the best care or service to a patient or customer, it’s helpful to ‘stand in their shoes’ to find out how they experience the service. Sometimes people have particular challenges that are difficult to imagine. For instance, we may not identify the obstacles in the way of a blind person or someone with dementia or a wheelchair user without a more intimate understanding of their experience.

Similarly, people who are very overweight face challenges that we may not discover until we stand in their shoes. That’s where our empathy suit can be a valuable tool. The video below tells the story of what one clinician felt when she bravely stepped into the shoes of a person weighing 19 stone (approximately).

If your organisation would like to share the experience of wearing the empathy suit, we can arrange this with you. The suit can be rented on a per day basis; by filling in the enquiry form or tell us what you have in mind and we can provide a detailed quotation.

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