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Health visiting
Health visiting - speech bubble 2

Contact us

Our health visitors cover the whole of Medway and are divided into locality teams to provide the best service to you and your child. You can find details of child health clinics here >

Below are the contact details for each of our teams:

Children's centre: Contact number:
Gun Lane, St James and Temple Mill
01634 717755
Bligh and St Margaret at Troy Town
01634 334276
All Saints’
01634 382863
Wayfield and Delce
01634 382863
Brompton Westbrook and Burnt Oak
01634 382863
Saxon Way, Hand in Hand and Woodlands
01634 382863
Lordswood, Oaklands and Kingfisher
01634 382863
Deanwood, Riverside and Mierscourt
01634 382863

For all antenatal and 2 1/2 year development review appointments please contact your local centre on the numbers above.

You may also wish to contact our safeguarding team using the link below:-

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